The open, transparent sharing of personal values creates deep connection and commonality within a group. It is human nature to be drawn towards those leaders that are comfortable sharing what they value and are open to discuss their motivations. Organizations can be transformed from this willingness of leaders to openly share their values. Leaders that embrace a willingness to encourage their associates to live their own personal values are seeing two incredible, measurable results occur simultaneously. Employee engagement goes up along with profitability. In other words, happier and more profitable employees who’s focus is on service to others. When one’s basic needs for survival, relationship and self-esteem are met, a letting go of fears transformation occurs which opens up the possibilities of finding meaning and purpose, making a difference and selfless service. A true transformation of corporate and organizational culture.

Leaders that embrace the technology of cultural transformation see measurable reductions in employee turnover, absenteeism and illness. External customers of these organizations experience measurable improvements in work product quality, as promised delivery times, along with a true collaborative nature to the relationship unseen prior to the values based cultural change.

Worldwide, we seeing a significant increase in the number of organizations using the consulting staff of the Barrett Values Centre to help lead their own Cultural Transformations. Human beings, regardless of nationality, background and education are inspired and compelled to give of themselves when their values are understood and honored by the leadership of the organizations their work for. Once again….employee engagement goes up as does profitability in the organization…measurable and guaranteed.