Take Control of Your Professional Future

Whether you’re feeling stuck and unsure of your next step, or need effective guidance and insight from an experienced business leader, the Rick Marshall Group offers practical solutions tailored for your specific business or career needs to help you successfully manage an effective transition. Many of our clients start with an initial diagnostic session with Rick, during which they:

  • establish clarity around their goals;
  • create an inventory of their skills as well as areas for improvement; and
  • take away an understanding of where to focus for an effective and efficient return

Working from the material developed above, Rick then guides his clients through three core elements: strategy, resources and coaching.


To achieve your goals, you need to formulate a clear strategy that will shape your short-term and long-term decision-making. Operating without a strategy will almost certainly delay reaching your goals, or prevent you from attaining them.

Businesses that work with Rick spend valuable time crafting a strategy that the team can leverage to make sure the entire organization – marketing, operations, finance and human resources – focuses on doing the right things as well as doing things right – effectiveness and efficiency.

While many business owners understand the importance of a strategy, it’s just as vital for employees who want to take charge of their careers. People stay in the workforce longer than prior generations – 50 years or more is not uncommon. Yet, the days of a single career (let alone a single job) are long gone for nearly everyone. Successfully navigating the journey through your work life requires a solid plan.


Once your business strategy is fully optimized, you may conclude that meeting your new growth goals requires adding or replacing key performers. Through his own personal experience running a successful employment firm, Rick understands first-hand the challenges in identifying and recruiting top talent. “A” players are typically not actively searching for a job – you’ll need to find them and make a compelling argument to leave their current position for a new opportunity.

As an employee, having a clearly defined career strategy can increase your marketability within your company. You may also determine that your best next move is outside your organization, even if you weren’t previously considering a change. The chance that the right position is being advertised is likely negligible, because the process for hiring senior-level leaders works differently.

Through Rick’s extensive industry contacts, he can act as a liaison with top-level recruiters as well as key company decision-makers. Connecting senior level people in this manner has repeatedly proven successful in matching growing organizations with the right talent.


From sports to business, hiring a coach can yield significant benefits. Even with a sound strategy and the right resources in place, many business owners and mid-career professionals discover that effective coaching makes the difference in staying motivated, focused and moving in the right direction toward success.

Because Rick’s methods are grounded in carefully listening to his clients from the initial session, he can provide informed yet objective feedback as you implement your strategy or resourcing plan. Drawing from his own business owner and executive experience, Rick can also suggest ideas and insights you may not have considered.

Hiring Rick as your coach helps hold you accountable in a way that you or your subordinates likely cannot. That heightened sense of accountability, developed through the initial and follow-up sessions, results in a stronger commitment to transition from your current situation. That commitment enables you to accomplish the most important actions needed to execute your strategy and achieve your goals.