Ever wonder what you were put on the planet to accomplish in this lifetime? I am finding more and more that this question is being asked. Tuned in professionals are feeling pulled and compelled to find purpose and alignment in their daily lives. Can life actually have more meaning and satisfaction? Is your work life in alignment with your life’s work?

Life seeks balance naturally. At the center of one’s spiritual, financial and personal aspects is a place of calm confidence and inspiration for continued growth. Balance takes little thought or effort. Maintenance is more of a daily ritual or routine. Work becomes a creative outlet. Financial stability a game to insure a resourceful future. Spiritual a calming of the chatter while connecting to the infinite source. Personal is solely about relationship. Understanding discovered in relationship with others.

I encourage you to embrace this question when it arises within. Live from your heart and less from your head. Consider something out of the ordinary like yoga, meditation or free flow writing. Develop your questions and listen for your answers. Each of us have truly unique gifts to share with the world.