I have spent my adult life coaching, teaching and training people on how to generate leads to begin their consultative sales process. Funny to consider that my career started in the days of the phone book and a landline telephone. The fax machine became a game changer in many ways both positive and negative. Either a way to speed up the signing of a contract or a new way to avoid having to talk to people. To those with no consideration about talking to people technology has become a tremendous time saver in the completion of deals. Unfortunately, for those that are filled with reasons, negative beliefs and considerations about meeting people technology is career killer.

A frequent question I am asked today is how to incorporate social media such as Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter into ones lead generation process. Think of social media as a way to show off your brand in much the way we used to do with our printed marketing materials. A way for you to establish a presence in front of a group of people, be it what you consider to be prospective customers or industry peers. Again the analogy of the printed brochure……a way to introduce you and your services. Those, in my opinion that attempt to “sell” directly from their social media platforms often do so with disastrous results. Sure, certainly there are several business outside of consultative sales that makes social ideal as a sales platform. If however you are relationship based like I am we have to look at social media as a networking and marketing tool that used right can in fact be effective.

People buy from those they feel they know and trust. Clearly several conversations have occurred and often an opportunity to have met face to face or by Skype. Referrals are also given by those you know. Regardless of how high tech we become there is no substitute for developing a relationship with your potential customers. How to do this type of lead generation and consultative sales is right in my sweet spot. Even if you are not “a natural” I can provide you with significant and lasting training that will improve your current results.