Attitude….for lack of a better word, is everything. In the competitive world of work the attitude of one can so easily become the collective attitude of many. Long hours, lack of liquidity, excessive reporting, never enough time, uncooperative software or a demanding boss are often offered as one’s reasons. Those in the habit of allowing their can’t do attitude to shape their life have a powerful effect on overall company performance.

The true high achievers use their attitude and language to create a totally different world.They show up with a plan and look ahead as it can be done. Often very unreasonable; not difficult intentionally, instead just completely unwilling to accept a reason or excuse as a decision something cannot be done. Their attitude can be inspiring and highly contagious to those with the awareness that attitude is a choice. To those asleep to this fact working with an A player can be a nightmare. If in a reporting role, sooner than later both will be faced with an important career changing decision.

Several options available for the leader. Important to begin consistent direct conversations with his report as to his frustration with the attitude being offered up. Key to remember the improvement (if the true skills exist) needs to be made from the report. Consider the option of hiring me as a coach; often the quickest to produce meaningful change and predictable long term results.

 Attitude is a by product of underlying values and beliefs. Helping an individual discover their core values is a lightbulb moment. Consider that our values are shaped by early childhood experiences. Our ways of interacting with the world are shaped by the early hurts and emotional wounds. Little can be changed to improve one’s attitude until the individual can see the conflicting demands of core values and daily reporting responsibilities. Once this occurs the pathway to lasting improvement reveals itself. This is the most satisfying aspect of my job.