Cultural transformation within organizations both large and small takes time. In fact, time is actually a key aspect of transformation as we human beings have very set patterns and ways of being that prevent our quick ascension. It is far better to build a values based cultural transformation throughout the organization than to quickly begin the process of yet another top down driven project that dies in the pile of good, yet failed intentions. However, the time is now.

We have entered into a powerful age of independence and libertarian thinking rapidly moving into all aspect of the traditional hierarchy of corporate structure. People worldwide are becoming more clear of their personal values and look for an employer that honors, actually more importantly listens to, understands and then honors each team members values that shape their lives and daily actions. To miss this opportunity has the real likelihood of turning once powerful conglomerates into nothing more that a balance sheets of useless assets. Without the buy-in of people business as we know it will no longer function even recognizable to the recent past. 

Taking the steps today to begin the process of building a values based organization is critical. It is important to embrace the groundswell of disenchantment growing within the employee ranks throughout the world. I am even hearing more frequently from senior leaders that are also questioning their uphill battles of leading a top down hierarchical business. Today competition mirrors each other’s every move and seemingly unique strategy. Little is truly new, better and different. Self employment and contract based employment is growing at a super fast pace. What do you think is driving this? Not feeling heard, not appreciated in both words and actions and lack of respect for those above in the corporate chain are three of the leading reasons sighted in surveys.

Cultural transformation begins and ultimately ends with one’s personal values transformation. An organization is and can only be as culturally evolved and enlightened as its individual team member’s spiritual evolvement.  Growth while often slow, accelerates quickly as each individual explores, embraces and ultimately openly shares their personal values. The way to build trust, confidence and buy in from your team is to openly share and discuss your personal values. Those that do are perceived by others to be of high integrity and moral character. The old school ways of “never let them see you sweat” are seen as guarded, aloof and hiding something.

As a leader evolves upward along Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, focus naturally switches from a good for me to a good for all way of being. At the mid point the “how” things get done are far less important that the “why” of good for our employees and customers. People easily see and feel trust. Trust builds self confidence along with organizational respect. Respect for each other is the ultimate key that unlocks a powerful transformative success culture that grows and expands. Comfort with uncertainty replaces adherence to rigid strategy. This is the fertile playground of incredible breakthrough and discovery. Inventiveness leaps into the blue ocean of possibilities where competition is no longer of concern, only the building of transformative relationships with your biggest fans…..your loyal customers.

Give thought to taking action. Where is your personal level of satisfaction? What do you feel that is missing for you? Where are you seeking? What would you like to know and learn about yourself in the coming weeks? What are great ideas that you have been holding back? This is a perfect starting point for reaching out to me for a confidential and complimentary conversation as to how I may be able to help you understand your own best future. I have numerous successful clients that I have helped at this exact point in their life. I look forward to your call.

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