The Technique of Handling People

The Laird’s viewed themselves as practical psychologists. Most of their books were developed from case studies of client companies. The beauty for me is the simplicity in both description and practical application of their advice.

Take a look at the “Rules of Executives” developed and copyrighted by Aldens, Inc. of Chicago, a client of the Laird’s. Don’t get hung up on the obvious gender bias as it was just the 1940’s business world. Their advice is rock solid and easy to apply.

Coaching as a retention tool

So why do employees leave? Simply put, I believe the primary reason for leaving is no longer feeling heard. Employees in all positions are in challenging roles right now. The need to react quickly to both the external and internal customer is very problematic as actual “face time” is being exchanged for a significant increase in electronic “communication”. This leads to the question “who really is the person one should seek out to discuss their frustration or need for direction?”

My interview in the Fort Worth Star Telegram

“It’s so important at this age to live within ones means. Avoid the quick fix of the trappings of success – a big house and mortgage, high-end cars and spontaneous spending. Build the foundation in your thirties to enjoy life without the relentless pressures of debt,” said Marshall. “Focus on being the type of employee that is easily distinguished at work, not necessarily by working the most hours but instead focused on work while at work. Developing a daily plan that allows you to remain clear of what matters to accomplish today and making a commitment to a daily plan will make an incredible difference. Your follow-through will rapidly distinguish you from your peer group. Remember, you are the brand you present to others.” 

The best return on investment

No amount of money spent on “how to” training or continued education will ever provide the return of hiring a personal development coach for your staff. Individual personal development is not achieved through one size fits all training classes. The paybacks are increased engagement; as the owner or manager you will see each and every member of your staff more purpose driven and engaged in the tasks at hand. You will significantly increase your retention of key employees

Thirtysomething’s challenges at work

Peer identification is a unique challenge to being in your thirties. Up until now the group called peers has been greatly defined by age. Now it is career critical to establish a peer group that fits your business plan going forward. A powerful exercise with my clients is to develop a list of people internally and externally to their company that they would like to be associated with. To choose intentionally your peer group. Incredible how many senior leaders in town make the list of thirtysomething professionals. To build a successful career one needs visibility within the community. We next plan strategy for how to make the introductions and how to cultivate the relationships.

Consider when to start your day

As we wrap up the last week of 2017 I think it is important for each of us to consider the routines, habits and thought processes we unconsciously use as our tools to get the results we want. How are things working? I read an interesting quote this morning; “Those never having enough time is an indication of a poorly planned day.” So true is my experience….the busier I am the more time I have. Only a few things to accomplish and the day seems to slip away.

How long to making it habit?

A couple of months ago I spent time with Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame member Clint Corey at my home office the Rusty Star. Consider for a moment that Clint reached the National Finals Rodeo a staggering 18 consecutive years as a bareback rider. To qualify for the NFR one must be in the Top 15 season money winners in their respective events. Clint’s accomplishments are legendary not only in professional rodeo but all of sport. In the rough and tumble sport of rodeo Clint managed to take the seemingly unpredictable and make it routine and quite predictable.

Some of the best advice

“Take action now” seems so much more logical than “Take action later…maybe”. So how do we get “it” back? Not so much the best action but the action now action. The “it” is the self confidence to do action now. The confidence to trust yourself to capture your idea right now. Get it captured for development later but captured now.
Over time you will clearly see patterns to your ideas. More importantly you will also see progress.

Make the first review you

To build a talent pipeline it requires a shift in the way as a leader you view tenure. When we were starting out in business there was a lot of emphasis placed on longevity. Ideal tenure today is defined as how long does an employee’s skill set remain able to advance the performance of the department or function within their responsibility. Important to develop an anticipated length of service plan for each of your employees. Based on where you are going and how proven they are to help get you there, how long do you realistically believe they will be with you?