Values based leadership

Leaders that embrace the technology of cultural transformation see measurable reductions in employee turnover, absenteeism and illness. External customers of these organizations experience measurable improvements in work product quality, as promised delivery times, along with a true collaborative nature to the relationship unseen prior to the values based cultural change.

Barrett Values Centre and more

In values driven organizations what is clear is the understanding of service to others. The organization has a clarity of commitment to serve the needs of their external and internal customers. How to do things has been replaced with why we do. Information flows freely in all directions. Hierarchical structure is replaced with a far more efficient flat management structure. Fear is replaced with understanding. Customers are engaged to assist in “win-win” process improvement.

Cultural Transformation begins with you

People easily see and feel trust. Trust builds self confidence along with organizational respect. Respect for each other is the ultimate key that unlocks a powerful transformative success culture that grows and expands. Comfort with uncertainty replaces adherence to rigid strategy. This is the fertile playground of incredible breakthrough and discovery. Inventiveness leaps into the blue ocean of possibilities where competition is no longer of concern, only the building of transformative relationships with your biggest fans…..your loyal customers.

Life’s Purpose

Life seeks balance naturally. At the center of one’s spiritual, financial and personal aspects is a place of calm confidence and inspiration for continued growth. Balance takes little thought or effort. Maintenance is more of a daily ritual or routine.

The Business of You

Over the years, roughly 10% of  candidates I’ve worked with in mid to senior level roles had a written career plan. Yes, you are correct in your thoughts about these people; high achievers and well networked beginning in school continued into the workplace. They know what experience they want to earn and how that experience will help them advance their career.

Generating sales leads that close

Those, in my opinion that attempt to “sell” directly from their social media platforms often do so with disastrous results. Sure, certainly there are several business outside of consultative sales that makes social ideal as a sales platform. If however you are relationship based like I am we have to look at social media as a networking and marketing tool that used right can in fact be effective.