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At some point in the life cycle of their business, most owners discover that their actions are no longer generating the same results they expected, and are falling short of their goals. Perhaps they’ve reached a plateau with their operations strategy, product development or key personnel. At this crucial point, it’s essential to learn how to effectively transition from the status quo to take the business and its employees to the next level to achieve improved results.

Individuals also experience the need for transition along the trajectory of their careers. This need becomes most apparent when people feel like they’ve stalled or lost momentum. They want to improve, but don’t know how.

If you’re a business owner or career professional experiencing something similar, having a conversation with Rick Marshall can help. Drawing from a background that includes more than 30 years as a business owner, Rick understands that what drives any organization is its people. While people and organizations frequently deal with and manage the external forces of change, true growth and progress requires the internal or psychological component of transition. Rick’s unique mix of experience, instinct and expertise helps business owners and key personnel clarify their current state and goals, identify options to move forward and resolve obstacles to growth.

Working across three distinct elements – strategy, resources and coaching  – Rick has developed a proven process that can yield productive results in as few as three or four consulting sessions. Many of these group and individual sessions are conducted at Rick’s Rusty Star, a distinctively comfortable and conducive venue to work through the process.

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Rick helped me change my mentality when I took on a high-level management role with a large financial services company. His ability to listen and then provide fresh insights helped me look at my new situation with greater confidence, enabling me to take control and far exceed my unit’s initial sales goals.

– Ted
Insurance Executive